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About Us

KHK was formed in January 2009 by Keith and Tonya Wahlbon to provide quality martial arts instruction free from the bounds of organized martial arts which trends are more toward the dollar than the traditional art form.

We provide a clean family rich environment for students of all ages to enjoy the traditional values of Taekwondo. We keep with tradition and only teach Taekwondo. No MMA, grappling or weapons are taught for rank advancement. We affiliate ourselves with the AAU for tournaments to provide our students an opportunity to feed their competitive nature. Everything we teach is based on the individual student. How far they go is up to them. Whether it takes 3 or 30 years to achieve their goal, we will be there every step of the way. Please note Taekwondo and weapons are taught separately and have individual rank requirements.

Mr. Keith Wahlbon

Mr. Wahlbon has practiced and embraced the Taekwondo discipline almost his entire life. He has held multiple national rankings in sparring and forms, including a Number One ranking in sparring, and has more than 20 years of experience in teaching Taekwondo. During his time teaching, Mr. Wahlbon has had the privilege and distinction of teaching 37 National Champions and counting.

Mr. Wahlbon is certified in ADHD Martial Arts training and Physical Needs training, and has been fully certified in CPR/Advanced First Aid. He has served as a Police Force and Family Protection trainer, specializing in Personal Protection, Rape Awareness, and Stranger Awareness for children. Mr. Wahlbon has also been certified in Chanbara (padded weapons), Traditional Korean sword (Kum-Do) training and Goju-Shorei Weapons System Instruction.

Follow the Golden Rule

Loyalty is first, trust is earned not demanded Education is as important as physical training.


To Teach Tae Kwon Do in a traditional manner to those wanting to learn TKD for the art. To provide training for a reasonable cost affordable to those truly dedicated to learn.


  • Teach TKD in the way of traditional masters
  • No monetary gimmicks to promote sales
  • No bait & switch tactics to lure students
  • No rank skips no matter the proficiency level of student
  • Be completely honest and upfront with every student and parent
  • Provide a safe atmosphere in which to learn the art form

Follow the 5 C’s

  • Character – Everything we do, do it to the best of our ability
  • Courage – To face challenges and overcome them
  • Courtesy – Do unto others…
  • Control – We control our thoughts, actions and words
  • Community – Put others before ourselves