Pre – K (Tiny & Little Dragons)

This class is designed to get your young one prepared for their first day in Kindergarten and to introduce them in a fun way to Taekwondo. We work with this class in attention span, listening to authority figures other than their parents, interaction with other children their age, exercise for fun, training both sides of the body equally to stimulate both sides of their brain as well as many other key lessons that will help prepare them for school and life in general.

Elementary – Middle School Age (Junior Dragons)

Along with everything taught in the Little Dragons class, the Juniors class will now introduce the technique and history of Taekwondo in a fun learning atmosphere. Your child will learn traditional forms, how to spar both for protection and for tournaments. They will also learn how to break boards using Taekwondo techniques. This class is structured and organized and helps with children who have ADD or AD/HD. We have a positive atmosphere and promote each child to do the best they can.

High School – Adult

As with the Junior class, the adults will learn the same traditional forms, sparring and breaking requirements, however with our adults class, we also work on the longevity of the artform as a workout routine. Cardiovascular exercise, stretching, breathing, endurance and strength training is a regular part of class. In our adults class we treat everyone with respect no matter their age.